The Polar Express

In English we are reading ‘The Polar Express’. How would you describe¬†the Polar Express? Remember to use exciting adjectives that describe, a conjunction to extend¬†your sentence and check that you have used perfect punctuation. Challenge yourself to¬†include a simile too.    

Happy holidays

¬†¬† It is nearly the Christmas holidays¬† ūüôā¬†¬†What will you be doing? Tell us what you are most looking forward to? Remember to¬†use¬†conjunctions such as but, so, because, if and¬†when, noun phrases eg yummy dinner, kind family¬†or new toy and¬†commas in a list eg My family will go to a pantomime, visit a restaurant, play games and open presents.



Fairy tales

This week we are reading different versions of Fairy tales and we will be writing newspaper reports based on the events that happened in them. Which Fairy tale is your favourite and why? Which part of the story did you find the most exciting? Remember to include a¬†conjunction in your sentence – so¬† but¬† because … Read moreFairy tales