Clitheroe Castle

We had a fantastic day at Clitheroe Castle. Tell us all about your fun day. Remember to include —-¬†¬† who, what, why, when and where¬† ?????? adjectives to describe- can you include a simile? different types of sentences- statements, command, question and an¬†exclamation super sentences with conjunctions- and, so, but, because time words- first, next, … Read moreClitheroe Castle

The Polar Express

In English we are reading ‘The Polar Express’. How would you describe¬†the Polar Express? Remember to use exciting adjectives that describe, a conjunction to extend¬†your sentence and check that you have used perfect punctuation. Challenge yourself to¬†include a simile too.    

Happy holidays

¬†¬† It is nearly the Christmas holidays¬† ūüôā¬†¬†What will you be doing? Tell us what you are most looking forward to? Remember to¬†use¬†conjunctions such as but, so, because, if and¬†when, noun phrases eg yummy dinner, kind family¬†or new toy and¬†commas in a list eg My family will go to a pantomime, visit a restaurant, play games and open presents.