Happy holidays

Happy holidays

   It is nearly the Christmas holidays  🙂  What will you be doing? Tell us what you are most looking forward to? Remember to use conjunctions such as but, so, because, if and when, noun phrases eg yummy dinner, kind family or new toy and commas in a list eg My family will go to a pantomime, visit a restaurant, play games and open presents.



18 thoughts on “Happy holidays

  1. I like holiday because I like going to playground , morrisons , and I go shopping with my mum. Also playing in my house with my border at christmas I go to make a snowman.

  2. Christmas is a time for Christmas dinners, jokes and putting the finishing touches of decorations. The best thing ever is the angel on the top of the Christmas tree.

  3. I can’t wait for Christmas! Wendy is thinking about what we are doing for Christmas, l love mince pies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We already decorated the best,big Christmas tree and we hung the stockings near the fire place.And I am going to get a new hachimal. This is going to be the best Christmas ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. At Christmas time my mum makes a big tea for the hol family and l put the tree up with lights, decorashions and candy canes. 📵📵

  5. Christmas is coming up with Santa and Shopping for a Christmas tree. I helped with the new lights outside of the house. During Christmas I am going to eat chocolate from my advent, build Lego and eat sausages.

  6. I’m going to santas place for the holidays but only for three days but I know it is going to be very fun because I will help Santa, the elves and Rudolf with the presents.

  7. Me and my family celebrate by having a party soon after the Christmas tea. Then we open presents , hang out with my cousin and make chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cream mc flurry !🐱🍼

  8. We will be playing fun games, have Christmas dinner, open presents and finally have a party. I’m looking forward to the Christmas party because I like Christmas music and I like dancing to music ,listening to Christmas music and decorating the tree with lots of shiney and glitery decorations. I’m looking forward to getting the tree because it’s a big challenge.

  9. I just can’t wait for Christmas because my family are coming to see me. I am hoping for lots of presents ,a delishis dinner like Turky, fish, chips,and Christmas pudding. My Grandma buys the Christmas pudding and every Christmas they get very rich but the best thing is going to the Christmas party at Deen Golf Club on 12th of December. We play party games, have dinner and Father Christmas brings us presents.

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