The Christmasaurus

The Christmasaurus

Our class story is ‘The Christmasaurus’. We have been reading it for a few weeks now, usually at least a¬†chapter every day. Are you enjoying it? Do you have a favourite character? Which part of the story has been the best so far for you? Would you recommend¬†it to someone else? Who do you think would enjoy it too?


10 thoughts on “The Christmasaurus

  1. The christmasaurus is great because Williams dad called him Willipoos and Willibobs, the dad is my favourite because he is funny in chapter eleven . I think that my friend Becca would like it because the dad is ridiclise .

  2. I am absolutely loving this book, my favourite character is the Christmasaurus because he thinks he can fly but dinosaurs can’t fly. My favourite part so far is when someone was in the post box because it looked funny in my mind. I would recommend it to someone else because it’s super funny I would recommend it to my friend Taylor beacause he’s a little bigger than us and it has a lot of chapters.

  3. The Christmasaurus is great because it is very funny and it is Christmasy. The best thing is that Williams dad calls him willibobs. my favourite character is sparkle foot because it is a funny name.

  4. My favourite book has come to school, the Christmasaurus. My character is sparkle foot because she sparkles but eats crumpets. My favoutite part is when Mr Trundel calls William wiklipoos in front of Brenda Payne.

  5. I’m enjoying it. I have a favourite character is Mr Trundle. My favourite part is when Mr Trundle called William willibobs when Brenda pain where watching. I would think My cousin would read it. because he likes reading books and his sister will love It too.

  6. I did enjoy it and I like a character the dinsro. My favrt part is the part when I saw the dinosaur. I would tell my frends to read this book.

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