10 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. On 2018 we played christmas gams and had Christmas music to dance. My goal is to get better at collaring. Aimee’s goal is to get better at swiming so that she can earn badges.

  2. This year I want to learn my times table more than I do now, at home I will aim to get my bronze star , silver star and my gold star when I’m at school . This will make me feel very very proud Miss Simpson!

  3. I’m so excited to go to school today and I love it and we get to have golden time on fruity Friday!
    And we have to bring fruit that is why we call it fruity Friday.
    I want to improve l do not bite my nails.

  4. I went to be good at English because I went to learning new things, also leaning new work like writing. I’d like a fish lessen and also Learning Okpos lessen.

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