25 thoughts on “The Polar Express

  1. I like the story polar Express because I like the steam train in it , I also like it because it is as shiny as a star in the midnight sky.

  2. I like the polar express because I like the trains. The polar express is a magical steam train. It is as fast as a cheater up a mountain.

  3. We Enjoyed the Polar Express because we like the hot chocolate and when the little boy finally found the belle because he gets really excited and happy. The hot chocolate had soft ,melted marshmallows in the middle looking like snow because the marshmallows were as white as snow.

  4. The Polar Express is AMAZING and my favourite bit is when the little boy got a shiny silver bell.also Love Love Love the bit where it says “we drank hot cocoa as thick and rich as melted chocolate bars.

  5. I think the polar express is brilliant beacause it goes fast. It is good because it has a big engine . I like the shiny silver bell and Santa clause because they were very kind.

  6. The polar express is on tv and it was popular because it has hot chocolate with marshmallows in the mugs for the children and they fort it was the best in the hole world. The polar express is a steemy and it’s chugging along with steem coming out of the train and there where a light on the front of the train.

  7. We loved the Polar Express it had similes and adjectives.our favourite part was when the children was getting hot chocolate as rich as melted chocolate.

  8. The Polar Express is a enormous train because it goes to the North Pole as fast as a cheater on a ratting,metal track like a rusty key lock. The Polar Express is a train that takes children to see farther Christmas and tell him what they want for Christmas.

  9. The polar express

    I like the polar express because it has lots and lots of similes in it . It is a extremely happy because the little boy lost his silver magic bell what Santa gave him but Santa was very genoras and he delivered it. All the children where very happy because they where going to have hot chocolate with squirte cream and marshmallows.a little boy went on the old rusty train called the polar express where they had lots of fun.the little boy went home on Christmas Eve and waved the train bye bye as sad as if anyone got lost he ran up the stairs and got tuct in bed and got ready for Christmas which is one night ahead.

  10. I loved the polar express soooooooooooooooo much. my favourite part was when the little boy found his silver reindeer’s bell. kamila’s favourite part was when the boy saw Santa we all loved the polar express episode. We also wrote a story it was as good as gold.

  11. The Polar Express has a large black locomotive to guide it to Santa Claus in Lapland. The reindeer bell is as shiny as a star and as loud as the conducter

  12. I deserve to go on the Polar Express because on 26.1.18 Friday I got 8 /10 on my spellings and I got star of the week and I filled my sticker chart so I went to my head teacher to get a present and I got frozen bubbles and my mum was so proud of me.

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