Clitheroe Castle

Clitheroe Castle

We had a fantastic day at Clitheroe Castle. Tell us all about your fun day.

Remember to include —-   who, what, why, when and where  ??????

adjectives to describe- can you include a simile?

different types of sentences- statements, command, question and an exclamation

super sentences with conjunctions- and, so, but, because

time words- first, next, after, later, finally

64 thoughts on “Clitheroe Castle

  1. First we went on a coach to clotheroe castle and when we got there we met a man who told us what we were doing to do we listened . We went to go and decorate eggs then we threw them to see which had Lived. Then we met a girl who told us a story about dragons, there are lots of different kinds of dragons, black, white, red, green and rainbow. Later we made a castle in sand and we put sticks in it.

    Faye and Olivia

  2. First we got on the coach. Next when we were at Clitheroe Castle we all were really exited to go inside of the castle. Then We went into the keep it was really fun. Later on we had dinner after we listened to a girl talk about dragons. There were different colours of dragons. In Bolton there are rainbow dragons that breath skittles the other dragons breath fire,green snot,spit and swer. After this we Practised sword fighting after that we built a motte and baile out of sand.

  3. First we went on a coach to the castle. Next we made a motte and Bailey castle in the Saint. After we made armour for eggs. My trivet bit was when I dropped the egg off the mountain to see if it didn’t break the shell. I used an egg top and bubble rap. My egg did not crack. Later we met a man who showed us sword training we learnt the salute. Finally we found out about dragons. There are lots of different coloured dragons, red ,green, blue and black.


  4. When we finally got there the first thing we did was egg armour and we in joyed it a lot. Next thing we did was sand castles they were very good.Then we had lunch l had a chuna samwij and I had cake and Ialso had raisins and my friend Evie had a chocolate sandwiches and a drink with yogurt and some chirps.Next we was learning the dragon koad it was fun.Then we learned all the different types of dragons. Then we learned a story and we loved it.Evie Tiffany.

  5. First we went on the coach and it was fun because we where on the top and we can go to sleep. Next we got of the coach and we met Join and a lady who was CRAZY and a man and we learned a sullet and it was to the nose to the sky to the floor.Third we looked around the castle and the castle had a big hole in the castle wall and we think that was a dragon who made the hole in the castle. Next it was lunchtime and l had three cakes and a egg sandwich.

    Shannon and Lacey

  6. First we got on the coach then we clamberd up hill it was very steep but then when we got to the top we went in to our groups then we made egg armour.After we made egg armour we throu the eggs of the wall!!!some where still perfect.After that we went with an funny man who loves to sing along to every song. We went to the keep it was very windy but I don’t care.where we were standing in the dungeon floor and the door was up at the side. Then we went to a lady we did sandcastles.

    Robyn and Eszter

  7. First we got on a coach to get to Clitheroe Castle when we got Clitheroe Castle we went to the muzeum in the main entrance first because we went into groups. The castle walls were made out of stone because wood is not safe for the people.Finally we got to practice training the dragons there were allot of dragons and won was a blue won. We love the book what Jon told use about Dan was a little boy.After Jon told use the book we billing a motte and a Bailey.

    Poppy and Kamilla

  8. First we travelled on a coach and then we enjoyed making armour for a egg and then we went up to the keep to see if our eggs will survive mine survied it only got cracked but I accidentally snapped it in half.🇫🇴🤖🍌

  9. First we got on a coach and went to the castle. Next we made motte and Bailey castles out of sand and also it was soooooooooooooooo soft.
    Then we did the dragon salute to the nose to the sky to the floor but only do it three times because dragons can only count to three.

    Yesterday I went to clithero castle I like the dragon salute.We both had soooooooooooooo much fun .I liked makeing egg armour it was veeeeerrrrryyyyy fun I was starving but finally I got my lunch.I got a tuna sandwich ,raisins ,water and cake.

    Maisie and Katelyn

  10. First we went on a coach to clitheroe castle. When we got there we where separated into groups of 3:(next we made motte and Bailey out of Sand . Then we made our own eggs in armuor I was scared at first but mine survived.

    Me and Alfies favourite bit is egg throwing because my egg survived. Alfie said that he hated learning because he loves work.

    Ben and Alfie

  11. First we got on a coach and went to the castle. Next we made a motte and Bailey out of Sand Then we explored
    The castle even more then we had dinner then we learned about dragons and learned that they hide in there habitats and more then at the end of the day we learned how to tame a dragon with a sword:().

    My least favourite bit was when we through eggs but I didn’t want to throw my eggs in armour with a face:()

    Max and Lucas

  12. When we went to Clitheroe Castle first we went in the keep it had no roof because a dragon broke it with fire. Me and Mackey-Lou loved making armour for the eggs, throwing them as well because they were so fun. Next we made motte and baily sand castles they were 8 shaped moat ,a well ,butchers,bakers and a palisade fence. Then we learnt the salute with swords we did to the nose to the sky to the floor 3 times because dragons can only count to 3 and in school there’s only year 1 2 and 3 so that’s why we do it 3 times and not 1 2 4 times.

    Lacey and Macey-lou

  13. On the 23rd of January in the morning 2Y, 2G, the teachers and some mums travelled to Clitheroe Castle by coach. It was a very long journey lasting for an hour.
    First we made a Bailey out of sand.Next we went to the Victorian kitchen where we made egg armour . When we had done that we went to the look out to see if it was strong enough but Isaac was very lucky because he had been the winner! Next, we went outside and learned that a long time ago the Normans didn’t make castles from stone the Normans made it from wood but they have became very clever and made castles out of stone and that was when we went up to the dungeon and the dungeon was as dark as the night time sky.Next we had lunch, my lunch was tuna sandwichs ,a bottle of water and a pack of raisons .After lunch, it was time for a story about a green dragon,a red dragon , a black dragon ,a blue dragon and a white dragon. After the long story we had another story about a very brave boy called Bar, we got a foam sword and practised how to prove that you are a very good friend to a dragon by saying “ to the nose to the sky to the floor”.

    Finally,we went back to where we had the long story about the dragons and a certificate was given to Isaac.Then it was time to go home so we got back onto the coach.Daniel had brought some treats to eat on the way home.Thankyou for the day out Miss Simpson. Where are we going next?

  14. On January the 23rd, year 2Y and 2G had an a amazing time at Clitheroe Castle. First we made eggs made out of armour, the second thing we all did was to throw our eggs down a really, really big hill and we all wanted to see whose did not crack. The second thing was to practise our sword skills, if you are in a battle with dragons, you can shout “to the nose, to the sky, to the floor.” We all had a really amazing time at Clitheroe Castle and it was a brilliant day inside Clitheroe Castle too. On our next trip please can we all go to see the animals at Chester zoo?

  15. First we got on the coach from school to Clitheroe Castle.On the way I sat with my friend Alfie and we pretended to drive the coach. We came to a narrow bridge and we thought the coach was too big for it, but somehow it went through. When we got to Clitheroe Castle we made armour for an egg to protect it like armour protected the knights. We all dropped our eggs from the castle keep to see if they would break. Mine only cracked, but afterwards I accidentally broke it in two. We also learnt how to hold a sword like a knight. I got a certificate for helping to demonstrate things. We all had a jolly good time!!

  16. First we went on the coach when we got of the coach we went in to our groups whith 2y. I was in miss Simpson group whith my mum then our group went into the room with art and crafts we made egg armour with different materials.

  17. I loved our trip to clitheroe castle. First of all we we made egg armour to protect our eggs from a daingerous fall. I chose to use cardboard from egg boxes because egg boxes usually protect eggs from cracking. I though it was fun throwing our eggs. next we had a look around the keep it was freezing cold as an iceberg and the building was tall and as dark as the night skies. Then we made our own mot and bailey sand castle which was messy and fun. After lunch we became members of s.w.o.r.d we learnt three things first we learnt how to be friendly to dragons. You must use your sword and point and say “to the nose to the sky to the floor” three times. Our second lesson was about the different types of dragons. Our final lesson was about the story of clithero castle. This was my favorite part of the trip because it was entertaining and john Christmas was really funny. He made us woo like a baby gohst! And Howell like a wolf.

    I liked our trip very much I wonder what we will do I’m our next adventure?

  18. Dragons are real because of the secret code it’s to the noce to the sky to the floor but three times. The Blue Dragon swears.

  19. Green dragons love to hide in trees but… some times they make a stinky smell . Red dragons breef fire and they are the scary is one in the wold . Blue dragons spit and siwa and they do it a lot . White dragons hide in the clowds and in the snow because they are white .

  20. 2Y and 2G went to Clitheroe castle. First of all we talked about the rules and then we set off to the coach it took an hour to get there. When we arrived we met some people, Harvey’s mums group went to do some egg armour to protect the eggs from cracking when we through them over a cliff. We saw where they landed, mine landed in some bushes.

    Next we heard some stories abought Dragons, there was a red dragon, white dragon and a green dragon. Then we heard another story abought Baa, who was a little boy that was very brave when he went into the castle that was as dark as a cave. Inside the castle Baa had a fight with a dragon and he axidently stabbed it in the bottom !!

    Finally we said goodbye but there was one thing left and that was the winner of the egg competition it was Isaac.

    We got on the coach and went back to school. I thought it was the most awesome day ever.

    Where are we going next?


  21. Blue dragon’s are cheeky because they spit , siwa a lot but there silly. Red dragon’s are mean because they eat us but they breath fire. Shannon .

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