School trips

School trips

Yesterday after you had all gone home your teachers all talked about school trips and if they are important.  What do you think? Which place would you LOVE to visit one day with your class? Remember to include adjectives to describe what you feel about trips, verbs to say what you would do on the trip and conjunctions to persuade us (so, because, then, when, if, although),

We look forward to reading all of your comments.  🙂


22 thoughts on “School trips

  1. I want to go on a trip and it is to go to be a zoo because I want to see some ainimuls and learn what they do evri day. We need to go on a trip because we will Learn about animuls and uther things.

  2. I would like to go to a zoo because I like the zoo and I love animaks.I love anmils because anmils are wild. We should go on trips because we like fun things to do.

  3. I want to go on a trip to a space station so I will love to look through at the moon and other planets.Yes we should go on trips so that we can learn and have fun!

  4. If our topic could be up up and away we could go to cebies land because their is a great way to get a view. While you can just sit back and enjoy the ride around cebies land. On the way I would have a smile on my face and we should go on school trips because it helps us to learn. To get there it is a very very very long time like one hour so we might not be able to travel all that way from school . We might be late going home to have our tea but if we could go their I would climb into the rolllogoster and would have two goes on the rolllogoster. When I had been on it we could go into the in the night garden boats for a sail along the water.You would love visit their so Miss Simpson please can we try to go. Definitely we should go on trips because it helps us all to learn.

  5. I would love to visit a zoo but I would feel nurvers because I don’t like dogs. I think we should learn about animals but not dogs though. Also I think we should have dinner there! I would have cheese sandwich because it is my favourite sandwich out of all of them. I don’t like the others and I just don’t like dogs. That is my problem with dogs but it will be so fun at a zoo.

  6. I just want to go to chester zoo so I can see the animals and see what they can do because animals are so cute when I look at them. These are the animals that l want to see bats, grafs and peacocks.

  7. I think yes because we could be learning new things. I want to go to the playground so I can have fun sliding, running,climbing and making sandcastles.

  8. I think that school trips are inportant because they are fun, we get extra fresh air and they help us learn. We should go on a school trip to a theme park because it would be fun although someone could get lost and hurt. If you stay with a teacher and be careful it won’t happen.

  9. I think school trips are important because they might match our learning. Chester zoo will be fun because l love animals and some animals are funny and maybe they might be silly.

  10. I think we should go on more school trip’s like Chester zoo because I like seeing different animals all around the world. I think school trip’s are important because they help us learn and achieve.

  11. I think we should go on another trip and I like different things to do with the class I really want to go to the zoo because they have my favourite animals like snakes and elephants.

  12. I think we should go on another school trip so we can all learn more and it is extremely amazing.It is important for us because we all want to have a nice time and trips are great .I really want to go on our next trip to see all the animals at Chester zoo.

  13. I think we should go on another trip because I like trips. To a space station we can go. That will be good as I like space. Trips are important because they are fun.

  14. I think we can go on a trip because they lirn us about good things. We shud go the park and I wil go on a slide and It wil bee so fun .

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