On our doorstep

On our doorstep

   For Spring 2 the new Year 2 topic is ‘On our doorstep’. Where is your favourite place to visit that is nearby where you live? Write a description of that special place for us all to read. Remember to include * correct punctuation * adjectives *conjunctions and check any tricky spellings too.

14 thoughts on “On our doorstep

  1. My favourite place is school because you get to learn about good stuff like about casuls, spas and on the doorstep. You should come here because you will learn a lot and become smarter.

  2. My frafrt place is the Moss Bank park near school because it is fun, has the best stepping stones and cool wobbly brich as well. You should go there because it is so much fun!

  3. I like Cotter keyer because you can get a maseive ice cream, there is chocolate on the ice cream and also there is a play area and you can get lazanyer. You should visit because you can get mixed ice cream cones.

  4. My favourite place is school because there is so much to learn every single day ,today we are going to use water colours to paint a picture of Doffcocker lodge. My lovely teachers are called Miss Simpson and Mrs Dod , Mrs Dod is American so she speaks a little different than Miss Simpson .Miss Simpson has a prize box filled with toys.If you do very good at school you will get a great job when you are older but if you don’t you won’t get a good job when you are older.

  5. My favourite place is Doffcoker Lodge because I was just as jolly as the Sun when I was there. You should visit because you would love the way the birds sing a sweet song on the trees.

  6. My best place is shoping and going to the park. Shopping is good because if you don’t have food then you can By lots of food there.

  7. I like going to the shops because I think it is fun and I like going to Andiamoe, which is a restaurant. I like go to my nan’s house because I like sleeping there. Finally my Dad’s house because I want to see Enso, Tilia , my Dad and Gill.

  8. Morrissons is my best plas near home because you have food and you have toys to get. You should visit because if you are hureey it is the best plas to eet.

  9. My best place is The moss bank park because it is The best place for people. You would like the park because it is a good place to play.

  10. My favourit place is morisns and I like it because I get food but I am lucky because I get good things from my mum from there. You should visit because so you get a treat.

  11. On the 6th of March all year 2 walked around Doffcocker Lodge. We saw trees,a lake,geese,ducks,dogs,people and lots of poo! If we saw poo we shouted “POO ALERT!”

  12. I like to go to my cuzenss house because there is lots of toys for 30 people, you can also eat treets and you can climb on ther climbing frame.

  13. My favourite place is school because you have so much fun and learn lots of things but the most exciting part of school is going on school trips to AMAZING places..

  14. My best place is at cotton keyar because there is a little play bit and yummy food last time I went I had pizza and chips and the chips has salt and viniger and it was really yummy

    DATE 21.3.18

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