World Book Day 2018

World Book Day 2018

 We are all very excited for World Book Day which is this Friday! Have you decided which book character that you will become? Tell us all about your special costume and why you like that book character. Your teachers can’t wait to see you all dressed up 🙂

23 thoughts on “World Book Day 2018

  1. I am going to be Snow White. I have a crown and a blue, red, and yellow dress. Snow White is my favourite character because she is very beautiful.

  2. For world book day I will be rainbow dash out of my little pony frenshipis magic. My costume is like a real rainbow.,I am going to be her because she is the best pony of flying and every time she flys really fast she leaves a rainbow all over pony vill . My costume came from Asda and it comes with wings and a head band with a rainbow fringe.My costume looks amazing! I can’t wait for you to see me in it tomorrow morning at school I will have a very long smile on my beautiful face and you will absolutely love my rainbow dash costume.

  3. I am going to be an alian and the colour is green, you might be scared of it. My alian costume is fluffy, maybe to fluffy, everyone will want to feel it. You will love my alian costume I think you will follow me everywhere I go. Maybe you might want to steel it off me and play with me and even sit next to me.

  4. I love world book day! I’m dressing up as Harry Potter I get the wond, the map and the scarf.I’ve got a hole celeceshan of books.

  5. I think I’m dressing up as where’s Wally with funny classes,blue pants,hat and blue sketchers too. I can’t wait for world book day as I love where’s Wally. I’ve got a book of it but I’m not bringing the book in as its really hard. I only completed 1 level.

  6. On world book day I will have to be Where’s Wally with funny black glasses , red and white pants and a red and white shirt. I am going to be so, so exited also you are going to be exited.

  7. My mom just said that I ‘am going to be Matilda for wold book day. Because I’m going to be Matilda I have to hold a pretend book and a nuit because it was the only one that is my size.

  8. We’re so exited for world book day which is tomorrow for church road school.we have a few clues for you

    1. i am purple.

    2. I’m a little chubby after I blow up!

    3. I love bubble gum.

    I’m a little sassy and I’m a blueberry.

    I’m in a book called Charlie and the chocolate factory you may know it as a film also.

    I have my hair half up half down

    can u guess who I am?

  9. My person love’s animals a lot and it’s got a rabbit in the story. The girl in the story had a rabbit on her dress and the dress is big , beautiful and I love her . Do you know what I am ?

  10. I am going to go to school in a knight costume 🤑. My mum made me a sword and shield.My favourite book is mewtwo strikes back💀.

  11. For world book day lm going to be The Mad Hatter I like him because he’s great on Alice through the looking glass and Alice in wonderland.
    Can you guess what I am?

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